Creating a Resume

Always have your name and contact information on every page of your resume and other correspondence. Make sure your resume is free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Use action words to show responsibilities and job duties as points of interest. List the...

Applying for a Job

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. Here is where your networking skills will come in handy. Previous contacts will help you get your “foot in the door.” Personalize each resume sent to each specific job you’re applying for....

The Interview

Once you’ve gotten a call and scheduled the interview, it’s probably a good idea to go over some of the topics that may come up, such as: work history and experience in reference to the job that you’ve applied for; reason for leaving your present or...

Doyle F.

Drafter I wanted a permanent position so Concept worked hard to get me an interview with the employer I wanted to work for.  They were happy for me when I was hired full time; pretty unusual for a contract firm.

Rolf H.

Engineer With Concept, you’re not left sitting at home waiting for work.  You never feel insecure, because Concept gives you job security.