Doyle F.

Drafter I wanted a permanent position so Concept worked hard to get me an interview with the employer I wanted to work for.  They were happy for me when I was hired full time; pretty unusual for a contract firm.

Rolf H.

Engineer With Concept, you’re not left sitting at home waiting for work.  You never feel insecure, because Concept gives you job security.

Dave B.

Designer Concept gives you a lot of fringe benefits others don’t.  I think they were the first to offer a 401(k).

Al W.

Design Drafter I’ve been working with Concept for more than (twelve) years and have only been treated with respect and honesty, a rare combination in the technical staffing field.

Dan P.

Designer Clients have confidence in the abilities of Concept people, so it’s not a big hassle when you start a new job.